DNA-Force 2.2.8185

Videocards - NVIDIA Forceware (Modified) 118 Updated by Hilbert Hagedoorn

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These are modified NVIDIA ForceWare drivers for Windows 2000 & XP. Modified drivers simply means that the author takes official or beta drivers from the manufacturer and starts to tweak them for either better image quality and or performance. Please bare in mind that the driver manufacturer, in this case NVIDIA, does not support drivers like these.

You use them at your own risk. For more information and dialog about these drivers I suggest you visit our forums where a dedicated section can be found on modified drivers.

::VERSION:: 2.2.8185
* Based on the ForceWare 81.85 release
* Special thanks goes out to Xervek for his time and
- help on this driver set
[[Added / Updated ]]
* Added Donate To DNA-drivers Link
* Updated read me driver layout / colors
* Added DNA-Force Profile Changer including:
- Balanced,, Fast,, FX14,, FX20,, Quality,, RTS / GOD Profiles.
- More profiles will be added soon
* Addded DNA-Force RTS / GOD Profile
* Support for:
- GeForce 6150
- GeForce 6150 LE
- GeForce 6100
- GeForce Go 7300
- GeForce Go 7400
- GeForce Go 7800
- GeForce Go 7800 GTX
- Quadro FX 350M
* Updated AmericasArmy profile
[[ Tweak Info]]
* D3D / OpenGL performance tweaks for all cards
- for the DNA-Force Fast,, FX 1.4,, RTS / GOD profiles
[[ Fixed ]]
[[Know Issues]]
* After using the DNA-Force profile changer, the
- Device description doesn't change yet. I'm fixing
- this problem

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