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Zalman Reserator 1 Plus

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Zalman last year released their reserator 1, a passive cooled water-cooling kit. Recently they released the Reserator 1 Plus package .. pretty much the same stuff, yet with new designed water blocks to get more heat from that precious gear of ours. Passively cooled you ask? Yeah, no fans are involved. No fans people, that means no noise .. yay ! The Zalman Reserator 1 Plus is a fanless water cooling system.

Lian Li PC777B The Anniversary Casing

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The PC-777 series casing is a mid-sized tower with in it  6x5.25, 6x3.5" internal with a FDD bezel and 1x CD-ROM bezel. There's more to the Lian-Li case though, this model has 2 additional 120 mm fans located internally in the front and rear of the casing. Not your regular fans, nope we'll show you in the photo shoot how weird (in a mostly good way) everything is with this PC case.