Silicon Power XPOWER Zenith RGB DDR5 5600 32GB review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase


The RAM came in a blister pack. It provides good protection from scratches (and probably prevents theft). At the front, you can see the rated XMP speed – 5600 MHz, capacity, and information about supported RGB software.



You can find information about the XMP and the guarantees on the backside. On neither side, you can see the information about the timings and voltage. 



On both sides, we have the XPOWER Zenith RGB family logo. On one side is a sticker with the model designation, clock speed, CL rating, serial number, and production date. Again – no information about the exact timings and the voltage used for the XMP. The XPOWER Zenith RGB kit (consisting of two 16 GB modules running at 5600 MHz) has a nice look and a white exterior (there’s also a black variant available). PCB is black, and XMP version 3.0 is supported. The radiators are integrated with the PCB using an adhesive pad on each side, and dismantling them would require significant strength (or heating up with a hairdryer for a more extended period), so I did not do this. I did not recommend it either (as it would void the warranty). 



The backside stickers tell you this is a 2 x 16 GB kit operating at 5600 MHz with CL40; no voltage is specified. This should usually be enough for the typical user,  and it can come in handy for you if you process video or graphics. We recommend sticking to the preconfigured XMP profile settings for optimal performance.

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