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Performance: Handbrake, 3D Mark Time Spy – Intel Core i9 13900K

Performance: Handbrake, 3D Mark Time Spy – Intel Core i9 13900K

HandBrake is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder for macOS X, Linux, and Windows. This software uses multithread CPUs and allows transcoding videos using a different codec, like h.264. For video transcoding – the more CPU cores, the better, as it’s a very processor-intensive task. We encoded a 4K source file to 1080p30 in the MKV container (h.265 codec). This benchmark is really good for checking the performance of both the CPU and memory. In the graph below, you’ll find the average number of rendered frames per second. Of course, you want to achieve as much as possible. 


In terms of gaming, we’ll start with synthetic graphics benchmarks. 3D Mark is a commonly used test suite, so comparing the results is more effortless. Time Spy was designed for high-performance gaming PCs using DX12. It doesn’t look impressive in a synthetic benchmark when comparing memory modules operating at different frequencies. 


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