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Graphics Card Acoustic Levels

Acoustic Levels

When graphics cards generate a lot of heat, the heat must be removed from the hot core as quickly as feasible. Often, you'll find large active fan systems that do an excellent job of dissipating heat, but all the fans on modern computers make them a noisy son of a pistol. Bear in mind that the test e administer is subjective. We use a certified dBA meter and will begin recording the number of dBA generated by the PC. You may be wondering why this is subjective. As there is always background noise from the streets, an HDD, the PSU or CPU fan, and so on, this is an approximate measurement by a mile or two. Only in a sound test chamber could objective measurements be made. At various frequencies, the human hearing system exhibits varying degrees of sensitivity. This means that the impression of noise is not constant across the frequency spectrum. Significant recorded levels (in dB) of noise at high or low frequencies will be less irritating than noise with its energy focused in the intermediate frequencies. In other words, recorded noise levels in decibels will not accurately reflect how loud the noise is perceived by humans. That is why we take the dBA reading. A circuit is added to the sound level meter to compensate for this idea. This value represents the noise level in decibels (dBA). The letter A is appended to show that the measurement was corrected. The A-weighting attenuates frequencies below 1 kHz and above 6 kHz, while amplifying frequencies between 1 kHz and 6 kHz.

Acoustic Levels at 40cm

Jet takeoff (200 feet) 120 dBA  
Construction Site 110 dBA  Intolerable
Shout (5 feet) 100 dBA  
Heavy truck (50 feet)  90 dBA  Very noisy
Urban street  80 dBA  
Automobile interior  70 dBA  Noisy
Normal conversation (3 feet)  60 dBA  
Office, classroom  50 dBA  Moderate
Living room  40 dBA  
Bedroom at night  30 dBA  Quiet
Broadcast studio  20 dBA  
Rustling leaves  10 dBA  Barely audible 

The graphics card turns down the fans in passive mode, thus in desktop idle situations. This is called fan-STOP. When a card is in "IDLE" mode and has fan stop, we'll stop the listing of cards. They don't make any noise at all. When the card is under a lot of stress, it stays in a 30–31 DBa range at its best setting. That's totally quiet.


* Note - the DBA value is relatively high, yet the listening experience is really mild. this is a little hard to explain, the turbulence can influence readings. Overall i'd rate this card as a very acoustically normal product. Nothing to worry about.

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