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Graphics Card Thermal Imaging Measurements (FLIR)

Thermal Imaging Temperature Measurements

To more precisely observe the heat emanating from the product or component being examined, we employ thermal imaging devices, commonly known as a FLIR camera. FLIR is a trademarked term that stands for Forward-looking Infrared. A unique lens concentrates the infrared light generated by all of the objects in view using a thermal imaging camera. A phased array of infrared detector components scans this focussed light. A thermogram is a very detailed temperature pattern created by the detector components. The detector array obtains the temperature information necessary to create the thermogram in approximately one-thirtieth of a second. This information is gathered from many thousand spots inside the detector array's range of view. Electric impulses are generated from the thermogram provided by the detector components. The impulses are sent to a signal processing unit, a circuit board equipped with a specific chip that converts the information from the components to display data. The signal processing unit transmits the data to the display, which displays it in a variety of colors based on the strength of the infrared emission. The image is created when all of the impulses from all of the constituents are combined. On the card or PCB, you can observe hotspots indicating temperature bleeds and the way heat is dispersed throughout the product.




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