Netgear XR500 router, EX8000, SX10 (10GigE) Switch review

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Product Showcase EX8000 Range Extender

Product Showcase EX8000 Range Extender


Adding to our WIFI test today is a range extender slash MESH or, if you will, repeater. Not just any kind, this is the NightHawk X6S (EX8000). The unit is AC3000 compatible and can deal with more bands than the router we test today can handle. Yes, it is a tri-band product, meaning it can combine 2.4 GHz and two 5G bands. Basically, you install a unit like this to get those 5 bars of WIFI throughout your house. It's very easy to use and install device, which we'll show you further on in the review. 


At the backside, you'll notice that it has Gigabit jacks as well. You can install the range extender to boost the WIFI signal through your house and connect wired devices on it. But also you could connect it wired and configure it as an extra access point. It's very easy to use the product, and with tri-band, all your ranges are covered and boosted. There's an On/off switch, as well as WPS button to hook up the device to your WIFI router.


At the bottom side notice there is a sticker, if you would like to access the unit with a direct WIFI link, there's your info. 


Once set up, white status LEDs will indicate what is extended (band), and how your connectivity and signal is. Basically, you want to see all white LEDs here. 

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