Netgear XR500 router, EX8000, SX10 (10GigE) Switch review

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Performance Wired (XR500 router)

Let's have a look at LAN to LAN (HOST PC to router internal switch to client PC) throughput. To explain, we use a HOST and CLIENT PC connected to Gigabit jacks. These are routed through the router switch.


Once we have the host and client connected through the router (which is basically a switch), we then fire off our software to measure the throughput. As you can see, in a full burst 1000 Mbit/s run we retrieve an average of 945 Mbps. With QoS and some error correction, that's as good as it'll ever get. But let's chart that up and compare a little. 

LAN-LAN Throughput 1 Gbps


A LAN-to-LAN network test reveals closer to full Gigabit performance over the ethernet jacks. Few routers and switches these days have an issue here really, as the technology has refined so much over the years. Even cheap switches reach these numbers nowadays.

WAN-LAN throughput

Of course, over a wired connection, it's always interesting to measure the actual internet throughput. My office connection is based on cable, 400 Mbps down / 40 Mbps up. So that's the theoretical maximum throughput we can achieve in this test run.


You can see we get full bandwidth as advertised by the ISP. In fact even a little more than that, which is nice to see. No worries there. And man, I do need me some Gigabit fiber. 

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