MSI MPG B650 Carbon WIFI review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase

A single 2.5 Gbps LAN connection (Realtek) is available on the motherboard, included however is WiFi 6E hardware. USB 3.2 G2 10G Type-A ports can also be found in addition to a 2x2 Type-C port. 


PCI Express 5.0 is nice, but this motherboard will not be compatible with it on the graphics slots; the x16 slot closest to the CPU socket supports Gen 4.0. Albeit it's a port that is being used less and lesser due to the rise of the M2 SSD, the motherboard offers six SATA3 ports. Out of the four M2 NVMe SSDs you can insert, one can be utilized at PCIe gen 5.0


The rest of the lanes are utilized for M2 SSDs, SATA3, and Ethernet. A pair of connections for attaching addressable RGB strips, a connector for connecting a COM port, and a pair of connectors for connecting four USB ports are located at the side of the board.


The backside reveals nothing much really, you can see an isolated zone for audio. Below is one more photo of the product enabled; aside from the dragon logo, there isn't any RGB bling. We like the simplicity. Of course, there are RGB port connectors (5V) on the motherboard itself.


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