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Performance - Audio - RMAA

Performance - Audio - RMAA

RMAA is a package of tools for evaluating the analog and digital channels of any audio device, whether it is a sound card, an MP3 player, a consumer CD/DVD player, or an acoustic set. The results are acquired by employing frequency analysis techniques to play and record test signals flowing across the examined audio route. Additionally, a more recognizable mark is supplied for individuals who are unfamiliar with measured technical parameters—a new version is the result of two years of development by the industry's leading experts in digital audio. RMAA 6.0 increases the bar for spectrum analyzer comfort and usefulness. It is the preferred program for fans, pros, and audio journals worldwide; some manufacturers are designing new devices with RMAA testing as an essential part of the development process. In short, the program is currently a de-facto standard for measuring technical parameters quickly and easily without the need to invest tens of thousands of dollars in specialist measurement instruments. The following are the RMAA results:

The following are the RMAA results:

RightMark Audio Analyzer test report

Testing device [MME] Wave mapper
Sampling mode 24-bit, 48 kHz
Interface MME
Testing chain External loopback (line-out - line-in)
RMAA Version 6.4.5
20 Hz - 20 kHz filter ON
Normalize amplitude ON
Level change 0.1 dB / 0.2 dB
Mono mode OFF
Calibration singal, Hz 1000
Polarity correct/correct


Frequency response (from 40 Hz to 15 kHz), dB
+0.10, -0.90
Noise level, dB (A)
Very good
Dynamic range, dB (A)
Very good
THD, %
THD + Noise, dB (A)
IMD + Noise, %
Stereo crosstalk, dB
IMD at 10 kHz, %
General performance
Very good


The board uses a 7.1 Realtek audio codec which performed good. 

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