MSI Big Bang X58 XPower review

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MSI Big Bang X58 XPower

Right, there we have the MSI Big Bang XPower. That's a smoking hot feature rich motherboard IMHO. Everything on this motherboard is focused on performance, with some very delicate overclock features and slick design. The two tone (black/blue) design appeals to me very much. What immediately catches the eye are of course the six PCIe slots.

MSI Big Bang X58 XPower

We received the final retail sample and as such it comes packed with a nice phat product bundle. Among the gear inside the kit you'll find the following:

MSI Big Bang X58 XPower


  • Big bang XPower Motherboard
  • Quantum Wave audio card
  • OC Dashboard
  • MSI Driver/Utility CD
  • SATA cables
  • SATA power cable
  • USB Bracket
  • V-Check cables
  • CrossfireX bridges
  • SLI bridges
  • Back IO shield
  • Manual
  • HDD power converter cables

MSI Big Bang Trinergy

To complement the motherboard the Big Bang XPower comes bundled with a PCIe x1 Quantum Wave audio card that supports THX TruStudio PC and what we like very much; Creative EAX Advanced HD 5.0 The card is seated into the top x1 PCIe slot.  Now I dissected it for you as .. well I was curious if anything remotely Creative Labs was to be found on this board, nope it's all Realtek with a Creative Labs software layer.


The Quantum Wave audio card comes with 7.1 channel audio output (analog) but also coaxial and optical TOSLINKs are present. A very nicely added bonus alright. Despite looks of a dedicated soundcard, it's merely an application layer addon -- main sound is still handled by the motherboards integrated Realtek ALC889 -- yet enhanced by Creative and THX.

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