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BIOS features overview | OC Dashboard


BIOS features overview

Below an overview of the BIOS. The BIOS is very much catered for overclocking and offers a really wide variety of choices.

Since showing motherboard BIOS screenshots always misses out a lot we are now switching to high-definition video footage showing you around in the BIOS. This way we hope to give you a better insight of BIOS features and functionality.

A plethora of options can be found in the BIOS really -- it's a tweakers Valhalla. We hope you like this new approach of showing you BIOS features with the help of high-definition footage.

The OC Dashboard control pod

The video above was taken with the Big bang Trinergy, same concept, same device. So we used the same video.

Along with the bundle you will receive a OC Dashboard device that enables you to do some quick, on-the-fly overclocking. The device also functions as Debug PORT during boot up. You guys know the POST LEDs with error codes right ? Well, during POST/Boot status this device will display the same.

Within Windows however, the device allows for real-time statistics but also overclocking. You can tweak voltages on all primary parts and increase the base clock. It's a bit of a gadget granted -- but a very nice one.

The video is of poor quality as I had setup the camera improperly as I later found out -- apologies for that -- but you'll get the generic idea on how handy the OC Dashboard actually is. But let's have a closer look at the motherboard with the help of a product gallery, next page please.

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