MSI Big Bang X58 XPower review

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Performance - DDR3 Memory read | write

Memory Read test

Obviously we also had to peek at memory bandwidth performance. Now, obviously Intel has an advantage here, triple-channel memory. This explains the tremendous amount of read performance for the Core i7 platform.

Now we test memory at reference clocks and here's a small downer, the rampage was for whatever reason a tiny bit slower. We did use other DIMMs compared to the reference review, yet timings were the same. It's nothing you can't tweak out easily though. In this READ test we expected a little more from the JEDEC times memory though.

Memory Write test

Ironically enough the write performance was better. Ah well, Intel dominates here considering we always use 1333 JEDEC timed memory. Triple channel performance on Nehalem is just frighteningly good.

Let's move onward to storage performance testing on USB 3.0 and the new SATA3 (6G) controllers.

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