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USB 3.0 | SATA 6G performance

USB 3.0 | SATA 6G performance

So here's where I will get a little lazy charts wise. With the new SATA3 6G controller and USB 3.0 controller I also wanted to add some SSD performance numbers measured on both these interfaces. Putting these in nicely styled charts would be better, but with technology so new we just do not have anything out there yet to compare to.

USB 3.0 performance 1024 KB Read
Write MB/sec
MSI 890GX | X4 965 133 108
ASUS Maximus II Ex | 870 178 134
ASUS C4F 890FX | X6 1095T 181 156
ASUS 890GX |X4 965 195 175
MSI X58 XPower | 980X 196 171
ASUS R III Ex | 980X 201 156

Above you can see a N002 series A-DATA Solid State Drive running over the USB 3.0 connector on the motherboard. As you can see, really good and solid USB 3.0 performance.

Write MB/sec
ASUS 890GX |X4 965 265 177
ECS H55H-I Core i5 661 266 185
MSI 890GX | X4 965 267 179
ECS A890GXM-A |X4 965 267 174
MSI X58 XPower | 980X 270 180
ASUS R III Ex | 980X 271 180

And here we connected the same SSD to the SATA 6G device controller. Now a small note is in order here, we run our tests in AHCI mode which is typically a little faster in peak bandwidth for SSDs opposed to HDDs. As you can see, that performance is definitely top notch. Right, let's go check out some games and their performance.

MSI Star USB 3.0 and SATA 6G controller

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