Mountain Everest Max keyboard review

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Mountain software – Base Camp

Mountain software – Base Camp




Mountain Armoury Base Camp software is constantly improved. I’m using it daily for the Makalu 67 mouse. It’s very stable and offers quite many features. The interface is clean, and the layout logical. In addition, it’s rather user-friendly, so the overall impression is positive.
Base Camp includes: 

  • Macro wizard and editor
  • Custom key bindings
  • Wide range of RGB features
  • Software and Firmware Updater
  • Display controls
  • Razer Chroma RGB support



All LEDs are customizable, even those on edge. However, it is missing being able to quickly select basic colors (for example, pure red, blue, green, etc.) instead of setting in the panel manually.





Note that five profiles can be recorded and that it is also possible to record macros. In the settings tab you can for example update the firmware, change keyboard layout, disable e.g. Windows key etc.



One of the new features is creating OBS Studio key bindings for the four display keys. You can read more about it here. Last, but not least - let’s not forget that you can also synchronize the effects with other Mountain RGB stuff compatible.

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