Mountain Everest Max keyboard review

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Functional usage

Functional usage

The Everest Max that we’ve received comes with MX Brown key switches. An actuation force of  45 cN is required for the pre-travel of 2 millimeters. The overall travel distance is four millimeters. Brown switches work really great at typing, but for the gaming sessions, they’re also good. For the Cherry MX Brown, I’d say that they’re rather quiet. The Cherry stabilizers with tight tolerances, factory-tuned with Krytox GPL 205 Grade 0, do away with rattle and noise. I’d say that many users will like the MX Browns, especially that the dampening foam is used.


We have tested the Everest Max over many hours of typing and gaming. In games like Starcraft 2, PUBG, Battlefield 1, Call of Duty: WW2, or even DiRT: Rally, the keyboard responded to my actions very quickly and exceptionally accurately. Precision is one reason people buy mechanical keyboards, and there’s absolutely no shortage of it here.


The keyboard passed the N-Key rollover test without any hiccups. The anti-ghosting technology serves its purpose great. I didn’t get any missed keystrokes when typing, either. Mountain also did a great job with the stabilizers, using the official Cherry ones and lubing them. The polling rate is 1000 Hz, and it’s enough (well, I don’t perform competitive gaming on a professional level, maybe there would be some difference).


The ergonomics are excellent overall, and the thing that makes it even more comfortable is a palm rest (and it’s easily detachable). It’s also good that there’s a media area and the LED displays for four keys and the one inside the dial. As for the lighting, it’s really vivid and visible and not annoying in the dark (you can disable it or bring it down a notch). I need to underline here that the Media dock section is not always easily connecting to the right side of the keyboard. It’s really good that there’s a USB pass-through.

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