Mountain Everest Max keyboard review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase 



The Mountain Everest Max arrives in a box with a typical Mountain design, primarily black, with blue accents.



The back of the box shows the features this keyboard has and how much stuff is in the box.





The reviewed model includes the Cherry MX Browns. Of course, you will get the full n-key rollover and full anti-ghosting. In other words – a relatively standard list for the gamer’s keyboard. Inside, we find the main block of the keyboard and the palm rest in plastic bags, on separate box levels.



The Numpad, customization items, media dock, and the USB cables are in separate boxes hidden in one bigger one, inserted into the big package in the form of a drawer. On the back of these boxes, there’s a breakdown of all their features.



The Mountain Everest Max’s frame is made of aluminium and has dimensions of 265 x 461 x 43mm (L x W x H) and a weight of 1.37 kg. It is robust, looks very sturdy, and is finished to a great standard (especially the aluminium frame). The keycaps are made of ABS (but the PBT is available, with a 30 EUR surcharge).  PBT is more reliable, so it’s a more desired variant.



Overall - inside we can find

  • Keycap & Switch combo removal tool
  • USB Type-C to C cable (15cm)
  • USB Type-A to C cable (2m)
  • Extra Cherry MX Switch x5
  • Extra ESC keycap x1
  • Riser feet (eight pieces)

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