Lamptron SM436 PCI fan/RGB controller review

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Here’s some marketing-related information that should provide more details about the reviewed product:
“The Lamptron SM436 PCI RGB & Fan Controller offers not only a wide functionality but also high compatibility. Up to four fans with or without PWM control and RGB products with or without digital RGB LEDs run on it. The separate LC display can be attached to PCI slots, the numerous information can then be admired through a transparent side panel made of hard or acrylic glass. Control is via an infrared remote control.”


  • Control board for fan and RGB LED lighting
  • Separate LC display with temperature, voltage and speed indicators
  • Four channels for fans with or without PWM with up to 36 watts per channel
  • Four headers for up to 60 RGB LEDs (12VGRB)
  • Four headers for up to 60 digitally addressable RGB LEDs (5VDG)
  • Power supply via 4-pin Molex and SATA
  • Including an infrared remote control

Maximum control of ventilation & lighting
The Lamptron SM436 PCI RGB & Fan Controller offers nearly unlimited control over fans and RGB lighting. With up to 36 watts of power per channel, there is almost no limit. The fan controller supports both fans with and without PWM. Power is supplied via a 4-pin Molex connector. In total, up to four fans can be connected to the board of the controller.

“In addition, both four 4-pin RGB LED fans or strips (12VGRB) and four digitally addressable 3-pin RGB devices can be used (5VDG). The additionally required power supply takes place via a SATA connection. In addition, four temperature sensors are included, which can also be connected to the board. Including LC display and infrared remote control. The control of the lighting and the speed of the fan is done via the enclosed infrared remote control. For example, the fans can either be set to quiet mode at 40 percent or maximum mode. Or leave the fan control to the controller. In addition, the lighting modes are set via the remote control. In order to know how fast the fans are turning and at what voltage they are currently running and what temperatures prevail inside the housing, Lamptron still has a fancy LC display attached. It will be attached to three free PCI slots and the output will be admired through the transparent side window. The board of the controller is connected to it with a cable and can be hidden somewhere in the housing.”


Technical details:
  • Dimensions (board): 121.5 x 21 x 72.5 mm (W x H x D)
  • Dimensions (display): 140 x 21.5 x 60 mm (W x H x D)
  • Screen: 95 mm x 60 mm
  • Compatibility: 3x PCI slots (display)
  • Material: aluminum
  • Black
  • Fan channels: 4 (max 36 W per channel)
  • Voltage: stepless 0 - 12 V.


  • 1x 4-pole molex
  • 1x SATA
  • 4x 2-pin temperature probe

RGB LED connectors:

  • 4x 3-pin RGB (5VDG, up to 60 LEDs per channel)
  • 4x 4-pin RGB (12VGRB, up to 60 LEDs per channel)


  • 1x Controller board with cover made of acrylic glass
  • 1x LC display
  • 2x Connection cable controller / display
  • 4x Temperature sensors
  • 1x Infrared remote control
  • Mounting material for display

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