Lamptron SM436 PCI fan/RGB controller review

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Final words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

The Lamptron SM436 looks like a good way for the company to become more mainstream. It does look nice, the quality is really good, and you have a bunch of features here. The accessories are quite extensive, but you’ll miss some RGB adapters. This unit is more than just a fan controller (which has been executed in a really good way, with different profiles). Each of the four headers has 36W per channel, which is really massive and should be enough for even the most complex systems with liquid cooling. But that’s not all.




It also lets you control RGB lighting, as it has four +12V and four +5V RGB headers. Each can support 60 LEDs. You most probably won’t need anything more than that. 
The display is clear and it’s sufficient, but to be a bit nit-picky here, it would be better to have an OLED screen with the option to change the display layout, animations etc. At least some customization is really desirable these days. You can expand your PC with the LCD, and fill the space below the GPU (a single one of course), but you’ll need 3 free PCI slots for that. Also, the main/control unit has to be hidden somewhere, and in the era of cases with no 5.25” bays, this can be tough sometimes. Overall, it’s a good offer, (although it's the price of 69.90 EUR is similar to some average chassis), perhaps not a must-have for most users. If the suggested improvements are ever implemented (especially regarding the display itself, OLED preferred) then this idea will totally deserve the “Recommended” award. As for now, it comes just a bit short of earning it.

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