Lamptron SM436 PCI fan/RGB controller review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase 



The Lamptron SM436’s box is not sophisticated. It’s black, with a photo of the product in the middle, and motherboard lighting system compatibility specified in the upper-right corner. The letters used in the names are blue.



Inside, there is another box. A black one, with nothing but the Lamptron name printed on it in white.




Inside the black box, you’ll find some foam – it’s used to protect the components. The overall score for the packaging (“shell”) is good. Very good, as it is solid and well protected.



When you unpack it, you’ll see the:

- 1x Controller board with a cover made of acrylic glass
- 1x LC display
- 2x Connection cable controller / display
- 2x RGB cable extenders
- 4x Temperature sensors
- 1x Infrared remote control
- Mounting material for display
- Manual (printed on a single page)

Speaking of that last item, it’s enough to help you understand the basics, but it could have been more detailed. The second page could be useful for beginners. You also get two extensions for the RGB cable and four temperature sensors. So, overall the accessories should be enough for most of the users.



The “central”/control unit does look original. It has a cover made of acrylic glass, protecting the components on the PCB. We’ll look into the details on the next page.

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