Jetway HI08 P67 motherboard review

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Finals Words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

With the HI08 Jetway brings an alluring motherboard to the market. Though taste of course differs it is nice to watch P67 motherboard and being Jetway we expect a sales price of give or take than 150 EUR in the initial phase you receive a very full-grown motherboard with good specs and features.

With this motherboard you'll gain USB 3.0 ports (2 of them) and of course that brilliant SATA 6G HDD/SDD interface. SATA wise you'll receive four SATA2 and four SATA3 (6G) connectors of which two are eSATA ports at the back IO panel, that is good for sure.

Component usage is done properly alright. Just under the heatsink we can see new quality MOSFETs and solid capacitors to ensure a better level of failure protection and lifespan.

The baseline performance is on par with the reference Intel motherboard, give or take a few random occurrences. Overclocking wise we hoped for something  a little better. We had to forfeit at 4.5 GHz, but granted that is still a nice overclock alright. We've done results at 5 GHz with other setups though, so we hope this was isolated to us, fixable with a simple firmware update. Talking about Firmware, that's where the Jetway mobo can use improvement. You'll be able to tweak 'decently' but quickly will run into limitations if you are a hardcore overclocker, the limitations need to be found in voltages mostly. Memory, PCH and CPU are the three things you can overvolt only, and the CPU for example is only allowed an extra 350Mv. That's where the board can be improved, a better BIOS. Then again, if you can settle at say 4500 MHz and are savvy with the feature set, then there's little left to complain about.

So let's sum it up, the HI08 is a Sandy Bridge processor ready motherboard with a nice feature set. Connectivity wise you are set and good to go, that rear IO panel is just pimped out with connectivity. The feature set is good as well, the baseline performance again good. We hoped to see an EFI BIOS however Jetway stuck to the original BIOS. Overclocking, it was okay, but we expect this to get better with a BIOS update or two as the board and it's design definitely caters a decent tweak alright. Speaking about overclocking, bare in mind, to do what we did today you'll need a K model Sandy Bridge processor with the unlocked multiplier. guru3d-recommended_150px.jpg A regular (non-K) 2400/2500/2600 model processor will get you nowhere tweaking wise.

The Jetway HI08 series P67 motherboard will be well worth the money though, it perhaps could have had a little more on-edge features wise with the competition in mind, but it is without doubt an excellent and very stable motherboard. The baseline performance was what you may expect. The new color schema in black/blue suits the motherboard well, it jumps out alright. So with everything combined versus a 150 USD price tag, we can quickly conclude that the HI08 series are well worth the money and as such come recommended.

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