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Product Photos

Product Photos

The Arc A750 and A770 bear a striking resemblance. The only thing that makes them look different is a strip of LEDs on the limited edition A770 16GB that (should) costs $349. Both are smooth and have a matte finish that does not show fingerprints and seems to keep dust away, too. When put in a case with a side panel, these cards look great, even as classy as Nvidia's Founders Edition cards once RGB lights up. The A750 is priced 290 USD. 


There are two power connectors on the card, one 8-pin and one 6-pin. In this setup, you can use up to 300 W of power. 6-pin is rated 75W, the PCIe slots also 75W and then the 8-pin header 150W.


The card is 27 cm long and 11.5 cm wide, weighing about 1100g. To complete the installation, your system must have two available slots.


As mentioned, we feel that the design is pretty awesome. Nice and thin, something we don't see that often anymore. We also like dark looks. You will need to connect a six-pin and an eight-pin PCIe power connector to the side.


Intel keeps these Arc GPUs cool with two axial fans and a large copper vapour chamber, and their slim design means they do not take up much space in a case. At the back, there is one HDMI port and three DisplayPorts. Using a DisplayPort to HDMI cable, you can even use HDMI 2.1 at the total 48Gbps rate. Cooling wise the card is silent and does not run hot. 


See that top side connector right to the power connectors? You will need to connect a separate cable to a USB 2.0 header on your motherboard to control the A770's RGB light pattern fully. It is perhaps not the handiest way to do it, especially since most card makers offer this control without a separate cable.



We take a look at Intel's "Limited Edition" (not at all limited) Arc A750.  As you can see, this one does not come with the rather cool-looking backlight.

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