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ConclusionEy ? No benchmarks ? ;) Okay short and clear conclusion, this an 8-piece PC speaker set people. But quantity does not mean quality. The T7000 set was just above average when we look at it from a sound, sound quality point of view and I must admit, I set my standard high when it comes towards sound. The thing is it will not go very loud and that subwoofer in my opinion is just not powerful enough to be called good quality. But on the other side I have to face reality, what creative offers here for 120 EUR is pretty amazing.

You'll get decent enough sound plus a 7.1 experience that is just fantastic to experience. You need to ask yourself though if you really need 7.1 speakers as right now very little game and DVD titles even support it to it's fullest extent. If this is as far as your budget can go then hey, go for it as there is not any real competition. Bare in mind you will have to figure out a way to get all cables across the room though as there are a lot of them.

Furthermore, the speakerset is a looker, it's by far not as pretty as the stylish I-Trigue series though but man ... it's hard to beat I-Trigue anyway. Your music will sound good and your games really good as environmental sound definitely kicks in with this speaker-set. Just don't expect extremely loud surround sound or blasphemic DVD playback though. One other thing you need top bare in mind is this set was designed for the Audigy 2 ZS and does not decode surround sound itself, that task is moved towards the soundcard, and to full make use of that 7.1 upmix in music you will need software surround sound decoding or in Creative's case CMSS. This set is analog, not digital also something you might want to keep in mind. This set was made pure and simple for two reasons. Decent 7.1 sound quality for the consumer on a budget. The price of roughly 120 Euro is in my eyes really good and justifies this as a good buy.

Product: Creative Inspire T7700 7.1 Speakers
Manufacturer: Creative Labs
MSRP: 130
Author: Hilbert Hagedoorn

Price: 120 (100 USD on Guru3D PriceWatch!), seek best price for other speakers, click here.


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