Inspire T7700 7.1 Speakers review

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DSC03563t.jpgThe wired remote control, with a lot of marketing blahblah Creative calls this the Audio Control Pod and it features an M-PORT connection for streaming music with compatible Creative audio players such as the Creative NOMAD MuVo NX. This remote also features a line-in, headphone jack, power on/off and volume/bass controls.

Cables, cables and even more cables. You better be prepared for it !

The Subwoofer, based on a black wooden box, nice design. It has a 6.5 long-throw driver, the port itself implement dual flare port tube, which is designed to produce a better lower resonant frequency to make the bass a more solid pounding sound. The capacity of the subwoofer is a maximum of 24 Watts RMS (Root Mean Squared), channel-driven power by the T7700 amplifier.

When we look at the backside of the subwoofer a plethora of connectivity will show up. Let's take another photo and look at a better overview.

 Here we can see all in and outputs. All the way on top you can see a small switch, you can select to up-mix audio to 7.1.  The middle setting however is direct and you'll likely leave it at that. When we go to A little lower we can see the cinch connections (black, green, orange, grey) that will be connected towards your soundcard. Below that the white and DIN like connector for the remote 'pod' and all the way down the connectors for the speakers.

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