Inspire T7700 7.1 Speakers review

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Page 3 - Photo's #1

PhotographyOn the next two pages we'll show you some photos we took of this product. The images were taken in 2560x1920 pixels and then scaled down. The camera used was a Sony DCS-F707 5.1 MegaPixel.

All images are copyrighted !

I figured it would be original to start with the box for a change :) Tattaaah !

Once opened up we can see the carefully packaged speakers.

Speaker time ! 20 Watts RMS per front speaker, 2x front and one time mid. The total of 7 satellite speakers are split into 3 center speakers and then the remaining four are split 2 for the side and 2 for the rear. The front and center speakers are rated at 20 watts RMS. The other 4 satellites are 8 watt RMS rating 

The three front speakers contains mid-range driver for general range of frequency (pitch) sounds and a tweeter. A tweeter is a much smaller driver that can deliver high frequency sound, this treble and hiss.

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