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rounddefault-djconsole.jpgReview: Hercules DJ ConsoleManufacturer: Hercules
MSRP: 249, VAT included
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A few weeks ago Hercules did a nice marketing gimmick, they released a photo on the internet with a product covered by some clothing. Speculation broke loose and well, some of us even figured that the new product would be a Volari Duo based graphics card. Luckily we figured it out in about 12 hours as Hercules made a small booboo, they issues a press release on the product before and I had some images of it stored on my HD (see, that's where 0.6 terabyte is good for).

The mystery product

The product was the all new Hercules DJ Console, and as I figured that one out I started thinking, what an original idea because this, my guru friends, is a gap in the market. DJ's used to work with something that's call vinyl, my friends. I come from an era where LPs/Singles/Maxi-Singles and twelve-inch records where used instead of CD's. Back in that time mixing was a lot easier as you actually where in tough with the vinyl record. The digital revolution had a certain impact on that, we lost the control over music with the help of our fingers. The compensate that the industry designed DJ Consoles that will allow a DJ to mix CDs with the help of a mixing console and two huge decks to give that feeling back to the DJ. But these things are expensive ...

Most of us can't afford expensive mixing and DJ consoles, turntables, and CD-Players that can handle BPM. But we all do have a fast PC and a crapload of MP3's right ? So all you need is a device that controls the PC and MP3's and that's exactly what the Hercules DJ Console does, basically a mix-console with built in soundcard.

Now, since we were the ones to discover what product was, Hercules Europe promised to get the console as one of the first to us. What Hercules didn't know, and most of you also is that in my somewhat younger years yours truly has been a DJ. Together with some friends I once owned a driver-in show, was DJ in a club here in Groningen, the Netherlands after which I shifted to VJ on colossal houseparties for 10.000 people at a time. I sure as hell wasn't a DJ Tiesto though !

So, first we are going to have a brief look at the hardware. After the small technical explanation, we'll move to the a pictorial as that's the best thing to get the message across. Of course a review on this product wouldn't be complete without a small MP3 mix, so I figure the '80's should meet '03 house music don't you agree ?


Hercules DJ Console

  16-bit/48KHz sampling, 24-bit ADC/DAC USB bus-powered device: no external power source required
5.1-channel analog output 235x200x650mm
Digital optical/coaxial In/Out Virtual DJ from Atomix Productions, a full professional DJ software suite MIDI In/Out New DJ SE from GMIXON, the easy-to-use DJ mixing software 5.1-channel output via minijack (3.5mm) or RCA plugs Ots CD Scratch 1200 and OtsDJ demo from Ots Labs Stereo Line Input (2 RCA plugs) Storm 2.0 DJ Edition from Storm Music Studio, a powerful audio sequencer ¼ inch (6.35mm) stereo microphone Input DJ Console Softmapper from Hercules ¼ inch (6.35mm) stereo headphone Output USB 1.1 (USB Full-Speed) required
- Compatible with USB 2.0 (USB High-Speed)


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