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Wow, the DJ Console is addictive, easy to use, versatile and most of all plain fun. It's something your neighbors definitely will not like though. But if you are DJ in-spe or crave the need for mixing then this is a nice start. For relatively a small amount of money you can do some semi-professional stuff. This by far is not professional gear though. But for 250 EUR you'll be surprised in what you can do with this device and considering the pricetag of professional gear this has to be a fantastic alternative.

One of the bigger advantages of the DJ Console is that when you get tired of your DJ stuff you can kick back and relax with the device as itll function as a soundcard. That means sit back and relax while watching a DVD in Dolby Digital. This is a product for the freak's though. I can't see the average gamer buying it as you need that console on your desktop. Next to all this I have to make a small remark to Hercules though. The product is USB 1.1, and although sufficient I would have liked to see a USB 2.0 or FireWire connection on it. The more bandwidth the better and the more bandwidth the faster and more responsive your console would be. It's not at all a big issue though but I did notice teeny tiny delays when pushing a button.

The money you need to pay for this device is simply worth every single penny. Nothing comes close to it as this idea so just too original. Combined with a nice software bundle and 2 years warranty you can't make a bad buy, I sincerely like this product, but then again my passion for DJ'ing is not something a lot of people share.


Two thumbs up and an editor's choice are in order here. Nice work Hercules !

Update: just got word from Hercules on our EAX remark: the EAX drivers are now ready. People who will buy the first DJ Consoles will have to dowload them on their Web site. Good stuff !

Product: Hercules DJ ConsoleManufacturer: Hercules
MSRP: 249, VAT included
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