HAWX (PC) VGA graphics card performance review

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Tom Clancy HAWX graphics cards performance results


Tom Clancy HAWX graphics cards performance results (1)

Tom Clancy's Hawx PC VGA performance

A very common used resolution is 1680x1050 or 1600x1200. Here a cheapo Radeon 4830 with 512MB memory is really all that you need. If you are using a GeForce 9600 GT .. disable AA or lower other IQ settings a little bit to reach 40 FPS and you are good to go as well.

Tom Clancy's Hawx PC VGA performance

The last resolutions we'll be testing today is 1280x720, yes the HD Ready resolution. Pretty much any graphics card above the 100 USD range can manage this resolution versus IQ setting s really fine. No worries whatsoever.

What's also fun is this, a lot of projectors use this resolution. Hook up the PC and enjoy the semi-flight-sim experience on a very big screen. you'll have no idea what hit you .. extremely fun.


Okay ladies and gentlemen. That's it for this game performance article. I hope you have gotten an idea of what to expect and what you'd need to run the game. Fact is that the image quality served here is pretty amazing and  well .. you won't need a 2 thousand dollar system to run the game that's for sure.

HAWX is a pretty  unique addition tot he Tom Clancy game series. I certainly seem to have a lot of fun with this title. But don't believe me on my word, just grab the PC demo from the web and give it a test run. It's not for everyone but a lot of you will like it for sure. It surely is good to see a unique concept.

Right, afterburners on ... I'm flying outta here.


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