G.Skill DDR3 PC3-16000 Triple Channel memory review

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G.Skill PC3 16000 DDR3 DIMMs


Product: PC3 16000 3GB triple channel DDR3 memory
Manufacturer: G.Skill
SKU code: F3-16000CL9T-3GBPI-B
Information: website
Street price: 169 USD/EUR

G.Skill PC3 16000 DDR3 DIMMsIt's time to say "Gee" and show you some "Skills" today. Hey everybody and welcome to a new memory review here on Guru3D.com

When Intel released core i7, they introduced along with it an exquisite memory controller.  It's really hard for anyone to ignore the tremendous amount of memory bandwidth we have available, thanks to the point to point technology embedded in that processor, in turn letting go of that bottleneck of a FSB. It's really exciting stuff, and also why you have seen several DDR3 memory reviews here on Guru3D.com

See, with Core i7 things changed so much. There's much less overhead to deal with, there's plenty of bandwidth for the memory controllers and DDR3 memory finally can be utilized to it's full potential. Ever since our first Core i7 review we where flabbergasted by the memory bandwidth thrown at us. Whether you run that memory at 1066, 1333, 1600 or even 1800 MHz and higher you will be impressed. There however is a a big gray area and to seek the true benefit of high frequency low voltage memory which is more expensive opposed to say more regular DDR3 memory at 1333 MHz. Todat we'll do exactly that. We see the difference between DDR3 memory at 1333 MHz and 2000+ MHz frequencies.

We'll have a peek at the fastest memory that G.Skill has to offer. It comes in a Tri Memory package (three DIMMs) and sums up to 3GB of memory. Now, where standard JEDEC (a very safe qualification for memory) based memory runs at 1333 MHz, the modules we'll put to the test today are in fact rated at 2000 MHz.  And that is fairly astonishing, really.

What's even more astonishing is that G.Skills policy with memory is simple .. keep it affordable, no matter what flavor it is. As such, the kit as shown today is selling at Newegg for 165 USD. And sure while that is a lot of money for memory these days .. remember this is rated PC16000 = 2000 MHz at CAS9.

Now typically G.Skill is also known not to be fighting with the uber-low latency timings based memory, making their product really fast but not the uber-enthusiast product. Well, at least that was their motto I guess. Check this out: G.Skills 3GB DDR3 2000MHz DDR3 Triple Channel memory kit comes with timings of CL9 (9-9-9-24) at 1.65V, and next to that they pimped it up with a PI Series Black memory heatsink. All in all we can already share, a very competitive and interesting set of memory.

So yeah, all the more reason to have a deeper look at this 2000 MHz memory kit .. and we are just wondering so much .. would we be able to clock the memory even higher? Dying to find out that as well? Well head on over to the next page then mate.

G.Skill PC3 16000 DDR3 DIMMs

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