HAWX (PC) VGA graphics card performance review

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Tom Clancy's Hawx PC VGA performance

Tom Clancy's HAWX (PC) graphics card performance review

Years ago when I had wahaaay more free time on my hands I just loved any kind of flight-simulator. And over the years the number of flight-sims went down dramatically, the quality certainly improved.

Flight-sims however are difficulty and intricate to market as it is very hard to improve the original concept. Ubisoft figured, .. why not combine some kind of flight-simulator software with an arcade element, add a story-line and place it within the Tom Clancy series of games.

The result ... a gaming flight-simulation experience, and as such I expected this game to not be my style at all. Then the demo was released. My first impressions; exciting. They did wonderful stuff with the graphics engine. Then I tried out the demo. And sure, while a somewhat arcade feeling is certainly there, it's definitely not half bad. Then I look at my watch, it's three hours later ... making me realize, Ubisoft made something pretty special with Tom Clancy's Hawx. Not something very realistic but intriguing and captive none the less.

By tagging the game under the Tom Clancy brand things get a little weird though. Ubisoft now has created several high profile games, such as Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six, all of which let you control top-secret operatives on the ground. We combat in the air though with the Tom Clancy HAWX series, an air combat game in which you'll drift through the air and close in on hostiles, abolish them with gunfire and blast them out of the skies with missiles and tactics.

HAWX is probably not for everybody, but the idea behind the game is refreshing, it plays really well, and the graphics really are just amazing.

Considering there will be 50+ reviews and opinions on the web covering this game, we here at Guru3D wanted to place a focus on graphics cards. As you are used to from us, we tried out a nice chunk of graphics cards with the game. We select a good image quality mode we felt comfortable with and then put all these cards though the test, so you can see before buying this game, what to expect in terms of performance.

And the reality is simple ... this game plays, feels and just looks just stunning, even on a fairly average PC the graphics engine can do wonders. Let's startup this article, next page please.

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