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9. What's the best part of your rig?

Well, the chassis of course. It took me several weeks of planning and building it. And because I know how much work was sunk into this case, I love it even more. I also like the power supply sleeving. I worked on it for more than two days and scrapped my Molex tool in the process. Still worth it.


10. Any dislikes, things you should not have bought?

Windows 10. Unfortunately, you need it for gaming purposes, I guess. Also, the fans do feel a bit cheap as I already said, but on the other hand they were not that expensive so maybe that's okay. An RGB fan with great build quality will cost tons of money and I am way too old-school to pay tons of money only for blingy effects. I like static lighting with one or two colors.

11. Did you modify anything?  cases/video cards/other? Did you do it yourself? Walk us through it.

Well, obviously the chassis is completely hand-made. I only did buy the PCI slot bracket, because I was too lazy to cut that out myself. I started with an empty wine crate (It was already empty when I got id, unfortunately) and milled and drilled and sawed any necessary parts out. I installed a motherboard tray that I ripped out of a server housing at work a few years ago and even covered it with a layer of balsa wood, so I can install a microATX board in the future without having the ugly grey paint coming through. I left 2cm of space under the tray for cable routing. Great feature, any case should have that! I cut an acrylic glass for the front cover, installed a red power button out of anodized aluminum and a 4-way USB panel on the front. I also modded the Alpenfohn.


12. Your 3DMark scores

Timespy got me 4037 points. Lol, the CPU is ten years old so won't complain about that. I can play Tomb Raider anyway. :-D

13. Do you have any future updates planned?

In the near future, no. After that, I probably should retire the processor and grab a new graphics card.
But I would like to use the computer for a few years first before thinking about something like that.


14. Does your rig or mod have a name?

It is called Ignaz. Don't ask why. All my computers have silly names like Horst, Zorro or Umberto. Now I have one that is called Ignaz. Period.



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