Guru3D Rig of the Month - October 2018

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Yeaaaaahhhhh, I dig this. Reminds me of a 'case' I 'built' in uni, which was just a mobo zip tied to the inside of an empty box of cider. Great work
Take about Loot box! That's awesome!
Gottta love stereotypes. German guy, talks about bearing quality. ahahahah Neat PC. I like these articles.
in some multiplier games people that load slowly people "insult " their pc by calling it wooden ...hehe they never saw this wooden pc ! this looks gorgeous !
this is such a great themed case i want to open a bottle of May wine.
Ignaz the PC box from Germany. Awesome 9/10 (-1 for no dust filters! :P)
Awesome build - this is the kind of stuff I love to see. Also, pretty interesting to see an overclocked Xeon.
Yes , i do like the creativity of this, and it does inspire me to build my next PC case myself.:):)
One must always make sure to keep the metal gods satisfied! Love this build! Especially the up-cycling present throughout. For a second I thought it was liquid cooled with the wine bottle as a reservoir. Maybe an idea for when that old Xeon is left completely unsupported.
This looks crate. 😎
Was gonna say , ' I drink to that .' 😀 Then I realized it was a poxy computer built inside the crate 😱 Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I'm kidding - love the build , can camouflage in a way , loose in a room, if you get what i mean 😛
Sure as hell didn't expect this, haha, interesting.
Make PC gaming crate again!
I don't like wine, but i really like this case.
This made my day
Interesting, definitely different & not my type of thing but outside the box. I'm sure it fits you and your place thats what matters.
Well, this Rig of the Year will be very hard for me jeje this is a very solid contender
Now this is an original computer build! 🙂 Great choice on this one Hilbert, and thanks for posting it here!
Just a reminder that not all cases have to be made with watercooling in mind. It's a crate, but very practical and easy to move around which is better in many ways than much of the scifi bulky expensive heatboxes advertised today when it comes to actually USING the computer
No coil wine here for sure! Crate case!