Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M review

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Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M
A cool looking master with minimalist stylish and finish

Cooler Master launches a new iteration in the MasterCase series, the SL600M it a new concept with quite a few eye-catching and notable features. The design is a little odd even as this aluminum and tempered side glass based chassis (steel base) internally is nothing like you have seen or are used too. The power supply is hidden behind a cover on the upper front side, you get chimney cooling with air intakes at the bottom and exhausting at the top side. You may mount horizontally and vertically position graphics cards, it has USB ports that lit up when you move your hand over them, and yeah it's just a really stylish looking product. The chassis series breathes pure DIY PC building and has space for motherboards up-to-standard ATX form factors, it comes with side panels and some new innovations that will make your eyebrows raise. 

  • Silent housing
  • Illumination of the connections by a motion sensor
  • Vertical Airflow: From bottom to top
  • Aluminum panels


  • Quiet case
  • Motion Detector: I / O ports light up when nearby
  • Vertical airflow: from bottom to top
  • Aluminum panels



This MasterCase is a 67 cm tall tower that is fairly modular as well, located under SKU code MCM-SL600M-SGNN-S00 you can see it in stores at a price of 199 USD/Euro. Anyway, we'll talk you through the entire product with a massive photo-shoot, have a peek at the beast first, after which we'll start-up the review guided by photos, photos and sure ... more photos. As you can read from the introduction. Let's have a peek at that stealthy ALU styled chassis that is looking great alright.

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