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9. What's the best part of your rig?

I would have to say the performance compared to the size, i like to attend lan's so its brilliant having a small portable pc! 


10. Any dislikes, things you should not have bought?

I am always considering things i can still do, reconsidering the drain QDC fitting under the graphics card for something more subtle.

11. Did you modify anything ?  cases/video cards/other? Did you do it yourself? Walk us through it.

I did not, i took alot of components and put it all in the case, I see myself as a "builder" i did all of the loop, sleeving and cable routing and just put it all together trying to keep it looking as good and also functional. 



12. Your 3DMark scores


13. Do you have any Future updates planned ?

ALWAYS! when new hardware comes out I may upgrade, I'm waiting on the newest gen Intel cpus, as there were no 2011 ITX boards and I was not impressed with haswel. 

14. Does your rig or mod have a name ?

Compact Splash #89



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