Gigabyte X99 SOC Force Motherboard Review

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Here you can see the PCI-Express 3.0 slots. Just drop them graphics cards in there for a weird sexy combo, the lowest it'll drop to is a x4 lane configuration, meaning you have excellent bus bandwidth for current generation graphics cards as you are still using Gen 3.0 PCI Express lanes.

The easiest way to explain slot configuration versus graphics cards used is:

1 GPU: x16
2 GPU: x16,x16
3 GPU: x16,x16,x8
4 GPU: x16,x8,x8,x8

Considering these are Gen 3.0 PCIe slots the lane configuration can never be a bottleneck bandwidth wise. Min you that only the 5960X and 5930K processors offer 40 PCIe Gen 3.0 PCIe Lanes. The 5820K has 18, which is still more then enough. 



Every inch of the motherboard has been chucked full with something. You have multiple connectors extra for USB 3.0, USB 2.0 adw well .. just look at that.


Here an overview os the AMp UP integrated audio. On-board physical shielding, separate layers for left and right channels to guard the quality of the sensitive audio signals and premium components, including Japanese-made audio capacitors and operational amplifiers (op-amps), give sound output that has good clarity. There's a built-in rear audio amplifier for headphones.


A small and subtle detail; you can find LEDs (orange) underneath the motherboard. So once you have it installed in your PC the following happens. You can spot them being reflected on the test-bench plexi-glass. Overall a fantastic looking and well built motherboard. Though the color orange is great, it is a bit difficult to mix with other components (colors wise) like your graphics card.

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