Gigabyte X99 SOC Force Motherboard Review

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The motherboard will bring a whopping 10-ports SATA 6 Gb/s storage supporting RAID RST and SRT and SSD TRIM on RAID 0 configurations. SATA Express is supported with one connector as well. Interesting to see is a M.2. PCI Express slot this one gets 20 Gbps of bandwidth.



Just one Ethernet jack, that's it no 2nd one or WIFI. That is a bit of a miss really. Make note of all the USB lovin you will receive. There are 7x USB 3.0 and 4x USB 2.0 ports available though internal connectors motherboard connectors delivered by the Intel chipset. The white USB connector is a Q-Flash USB port. There is and OC button (default small OC) and bios switch so you can select out of two BIOSes. Not visible on the photo but there is a small clear CMOS button present as well.




Gigabyte will deliver power and reset buttons on-board, and them some more! Close by is a diagnostic LED.From left to right starting at the top is a OC Ignition button, OC Tag, OC gear (BLCK stepping) and CPU ratio up down buttons. The smaller micro buttons just below the big ones from left to right are Clear CMOS, Clear battery, DTB (direct to BIOS button) Gigabyte settings lock and the white one, a restart button. The two micro switches the the left are Single BIOS mode switch and an OC trigger switch.  to the far left is a switch block with four micro switches, these are PCIe slot on/off switches. Pretty amazing man.



 You will get eight DIMM slots offer support for quad-channel DDR4 memory up 2800 MHz (OC). You can install a maximum of 64 GB in total. XMP 2.0 must be supported, we'll show you this petite setup running at 2133 and even 3000 MHz. 



At the top left you can see a Diagnostic post LED, it will display the status/post code. Unfortunately once booted into window it displays AA or 00 (OK), other manufacturers choose to display the processor package temperature on it.

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