Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition Review

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The GPU Shoot Out

The GPU Shoot Out

Recently added to our articles is the GPU shoot out. The reader base (you guys) requested that we compare specific models of all brands in a chart. Normally we only compare a product for review against the reference card. In this new chart you can compare all cards tested against each other. The chart is new, and we use 3DMark Time Spy. The new DX12 software suite has not been around that long hence all cards prior to the release date of this software are missing. We display the GPU score and not the combined score, that way you will have a more objective view of what the GPU can actually do. Keep in mind though that driver changes over time can always influence the score a tiny bit here and there. Over time this shoot-out chart will build up (and should become a rather lengthy one). 

Today's updated 3DMark seems to be a tiny hint slower compared to the other entries. 


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