Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition Review

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Product Innards

Product Innards


The cooling solution is a simple but proper one. The Windforce 3X cooler uses six bent and shaped heat-pipes that pass through a heatsink, with thermal paste tied to the all copper block. You can also see that the VRM area has padding and thus is cooled by this block. 


Gigabyte did apply padding on top of the chokes and GDDR5X. With the main cooler removed, you can see a cute PCB and its components. To the top right the two 8-pin power headers summing up towards 375 Watt for board power.


Here we have the GP102 graphics processor from Nvidia covered with some proper high grade thermal insulation material.


The Nvidia GP102 graphics processor is made based on pascal architecture at a 16 nm process at TSMC. This bad boy has a transistor count of 12 billion and do not underestimate the die size, that is 471 mm² you are looking at.


The GDDR5X memory chips are made by Micron and are specced to run at 11,000 MHz GDDR5 (effective data-rate). Tweaked you are looking at a capability of roughly 12000 MHz (effective data-rate). These are Micron 6ZA77 - D9VRL. 


Count the grey thingies, the chokes. You are looking twelve proper power phases for the GPU and an additional two for the memory subsystem (these to are located under the white padding). 


A uPI based uP9511R is a rather recent and much used model voltage controller for many NVIDIA GP102 and 104 GPU based cards.  


And yes, that empty SMT trace is missing the one GDDR5X chip, for this 12 11 GB graphics card. Now you know what is on the inside.

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