Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition Review

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At default settings overall you are looking at a card that consumes roughly 280 Watts under full load really, which is impressive as it is very close to what we measure for values on the reference cards as well. The cooler seems to be doing a good job in both cooling performance as well as its low noise-levels. The card remains passive, as up-to a GPU temperature of 55~60 Degrees C the fans do not even spin. The fans used are a new revision and should also offer a bit more airflow whilst protecting them from dust. Gigabyte will try to force as much performance out of the cards at a maximum cooling threshold of roughly 70 Degrees C for this 1080 Ti model with the Windforce triple 100mm fan design cooler.


The card is roughly 11 inches in length which is roughly 29 cm so it should fit comfortably in pretty much any decent chassis. An 12 GPU + 2 mem phase power supply is responsible for supplying the GP102 GPU with power. The two additional power phases are dedicated to the board’s GDDR5X memory. 


The RGB LEDs are RGB Fusion compatible. We know, we know .. they are a bit of a trend and like everybody is following. The LED system can be controlled. The lighting system on these graphics cards are capable of displaying millions of colors and different effects for a personalized gaming system. But my man, this sure looks nice:




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