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Final Words and Verdict


The Verdict

Aftermarket heatpipe based coolers come a dime a dozen these days. There's very little new and refreshing about them, still each year we spot new models and brands on the market. That confirms the strong demand of coolers like these and it also acknowledges their importance.

The Tranquillo is a budget to mid-range cooler that kicks some nice punch when it comes to cooling. It can take a 185W heat which means that for normal usage it's excellent, and for overclocking even the more high-end processor it will have give enough headroom before temperatures would get out of control - you'll be able to pick up the Gelid Tranquillo for less than 30 EUR which makes this a good value CPU cooler.

So we feel that the price and bundle are pretty striking, next to that the Tranquillo performs pretty well as heatpipe based CPU cooler too. There's really very little  negative to report about the cooler at all besides the fact that you will have to install a motherboard backplate. Other than that  it's very decent cooling, offers good aesthetics and is relatively easy to install.

Tguru3d-recommended_150px.jpghere is some GC-2 thermal compound inserted in the box for you, just smear some out over the processor seat and secure the cooler and you are good to go. The package will include Mounting clips for AMD 754/ 939/ 940/ AM2/ AM2+ and for Intel 775, 1366 and latest 1156 sockets as same as back plates for Intel LGA 775, Core i5 and Core i7 boards, meaning pretty much any processor to date can have the Tranquillo sit on it's doing it's  lap dance.

Armed with a sturdy five  year warranty the Tranquillo CPU cooler is available now in selected regions and carries a price tag of roughly USD 38 or 28 EUR. Recommended.

You can visit Gelid Solutions right here.

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