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Testing the cooler


Testing the cooler

Time to test. As stated in the introduction, the cooler works absolutely charming with any high-end processor (Core i5/i7 quad-core included) at default operating speeds. Therefore we decided to test it on a new fairly high-end system with higher specs that is mildly overclocked.

Methodology -- We use an eVGA p55 Classified 200 motherboard, equip it with a Core i5 750 processor,  which we overclock towards 3.4 GHz. Now we'll test the cooler in two  utilization stages:

  1. Actively cooled - yet CPU has nothing to do (IDLE)
  2. Actively cooled - four processors cores 100% stressed (LOAD)

Let's have a look at the results.

Now since this is a new test platform based on Socket LGA 1156 we have very few results available just yet. over time things will accumulate and more results will be inserted. However the sub-30 EUR Gelid Tranquillo immediately takes first place.

Let me remind you again -- temps are based on an overclocked processor with a little extra voltage (1.3v) added.

So then -- at 100% CPU load on all 4 cores (Prime 95 stressed) is what you like to focus on. The Tranquillo  really shines.

  • With the processor in idle expect cooler temperatures of roughly 35 Degrees C / 95 F (we take the temperatures of the four cores and average them out).
  • With the processor's four cores stressed 100% we max out at 64 C / 147 F.

So for a cooler in this price-range it's pretty inspiring. But let's have a peek at noise levels.

Core i5 750 @ 3362 | 1,3v | 80% RPM DBACooler Master Hyper TX3 44Gelid Tranquillo 41Thermalright MUX 120 40Artic Cooling Freezer Xtreme 39

All fans cooling the CPU cooler in our tests have been fixed at 80% RPM -- roughly the fan speed your motherboard will apply when the processor is getting hot. The Gelid Tranquillo does have another strong selling point, it is not very noisy. Which is great. Our system maxed out at 42 DBa with this cooler.

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