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Gaming: PT Boats Knights of the Sea DX10 Benchmark

Akella recently released a DX10 tech demo-benchmark of their upcoming naval action sim PT Boats. The benchmark is called Knights of the Sea. The final game will support both DX10 and DX9, but this demo is a demonstration of what the final game will look like in DirectX 10. The demo features all the visual effects and some of the highly detailed models that will be available in the game.

The main DX10 graphics features of PT boats: Knights of the Sea tech demo-benchmark: Advanced ocean rendering, soft particles, reflections, light beams, advanced transparency and Advanced HDR for gunfire and sun reflection. The benchmark supports all the latest DirectX 10 graphics cards and quite honestly; it's a feast for the eyes.

Fresh from the developer themselves, is a new DX10 benchmark which you can download here. It's an excellent test and actually shows the in-game performance (according to the developer). We only started using it last week and I have not had the time to include any other cards just yet. You are looking at high image quality settings, yet no AA is enabled here as it's just too harsh on the graphics cards and we think there's a bug with AA.

As the results show, PT boats even seems to dislike 512Mb cards when the resolution goes up. Keep this benchmark in mind as we'll include and update results with each new DX10 graphics card review.

No SLI results, SLI did not work with this title just yet.

Synthetic benchmarking: 3DMark 05 & 06 Business Edition

Literally millions and millions of benchmark results have been submitted to Futuremarks Online ResultBrowser database. It has become a point of great prestige to be the holder of the highest 3DMark score. A compelling, easy-to-use interface has made 3DMark very popular among game enthusiasts. Futuremarks latest benchmark series, 3DMark03 up-to 3DMark06, continues this tradition by providing a Microsoft DirectX 9 benchmark.

The introduction of DirectX 9 and new hardware shader technologies puts a lot of power in the hands of game developers. Increasingly realistic 3D games will be available over the next year and a half. The use of 3D graphics will become more accessible to other applications areas and even operating systems.

In 3Dmark05 we push a score of nearly 17000 points with the card; which is rather good. We see roughly 11000 points in 3DMark06. It really is a nice score.

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