SunBeamTech UFO Acrylic Cube Case review

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Sunbeamtech UFO Acrylic Cube chassis

SunBeamTech UFO Acrylic Cube Case
Manufacturer: Sunbeamtech
Price: 79 USD (MSRP)

Alright, ya'll have seen or at least heard of that movie Cube right? See, clever as Sunbeamtech is, a Cube is something mystical. What ... hey! you don't believe me? Alright alright .. how about this one. Star Trek, The Borg Cube, eh? What about that one?

Okay enough of that. Today we are reviewing a chassis. One made 100% out of see-through Acrylic, and it's shaped as a Cube.

Face it, it's short from stunning how many cases there are out there to pick from. So why Acrylic you ask? Well, ehm ... I dunno. It's just looking so damn cool. See if you forget about the fact that it's the worst material to use as a chassis cooling wise, incredibly "not" handy to work with, scratchable, smears everywhere and oy! The fingerprints. But all that aside, if you get the wiring and lighting right, an Acrylic chassis might be one of the coolest things you've ever built.

SunBeamTech delivers the UFO Acrylic Cube chassis darn cheap as well.  The unit as tested today is costing no more than say 60-65 EUR, and that's with the 2 LED fans and frontpanel included. Not bad.

So my biggest problem in this review are the photo's ... how do you photograph something you are not supposed to see ? Well here's your answer, we opted the UV blue reflective coated version. So during the photo-shoot we'll continuously have a UV black light pointed at the chassis. You have no idea it was how silly the photoshoot itself was. But hey, we managed just fine I might add.

Here's a teaser photo, and then hit the next page please.

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