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Sorry, we couldn't show you photo's of a perfectly fitted and installed PC in the Cube, yet we had other plans for the mainboard and cooling but of course; we where short of time. The article should give you a pretty good idea though.

Right then. I must admit for the money you get to play around with some fun gear. Please do get yourself some UV lighting though as in a dark room that will increase the X-Factor 10-fold, no UV lighting would results in a dull chassis look & feel. Some downsides I have do to mention though. The installation is a bit of a puzzle to be honest, yet you get to play with easy to work with materials. You'll easily be an hour at work to get it assembled. Not a biggy though. But what you do have to bare in mind is this: ATIs and NVIDIAs latest high end offerings will not fit in this chassis due to their length, but I cannot see any problems for an 8800GTS or similar sized cards. Also I deliberately used a card that won't fit; the passive cooler on the XFX Fatal1ty card you saw is slightly higher than a normal card. The effect is that you can't close the top panel. Stuff to be reckoned with for sure, much like that high Coolermaster Hiper 212 cooler you saw. Normal specced computer parts should not be an issue though.

The Sunbeam Tech UFO Acrylic case is a nice little unit to work with, yet does have some limitations. If you have the right components thought, this can become one hell of a cool looking PC. Although installation is a little puzzling we have to admit, but in the end everything lines up nicely and will fit together perfectly.

If you like to show off your lovely components then be sure to give the UFO Acrylic case a try. But be certain to order the UV reflective chassis and order your self a UV cold-cathode light, they only cost a few bucks and will make this Cube chassis not only look great, but very cool too. Please be aware of some of the restrictions I mentioned, but cool .. yeah. This kit most definitely is.

SunBeamTech UFO Acrylic Cube Case
Manufacturer: Sunbeamtech
Price: 79 USD (MSRP)

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