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FSP Group Everest 1010 Watt PSU

Everest 1010 Power Supply unit

Manufacturer: FSP Group
Product ID: PPA9800100 - Everest 1010
Price: 300 USD/EUR incl VAT
Info: website

Today we'll have a peek at another Kilowatt PSU, this time from the folks at FSP. And I know now you are saying ... huh, "FSP"? Quite honestly it's one of these manufacturers that make quality PSU's themselves, yet you have seen it under a lot of other names like Zalman, Thermaltake and OCZ.

FSP recently released a 800 and 1010 Watt high-end power supply in e(re)tial. The PSU's have a good feature set with active PFC, short-protection (OCP/SCP) and enough connectivity for the latest high-end components in your system, including PCI-Express 2.0 8 pin 12 volt rails; 4 of them with 20 AMPs each meaning that this PSU is SLI, three-way SLI or CrossFireX ready.

As our tests will show one of the more notable features of this PSU is it's efficiency level. According tot the specs it's rated at 85%, which is quite notable and surely important as Energy consumption of our PC's has grown massively over the past year or two. We went from PC's that consume roughly 300-350 Watts towards gaming rigs with dual or quad core GPU based graphics cards, dual and quad core processors, multiple drives, tweaked and overclocked rigs and so on and so on. This has driven power consumption to really high and worrying levels.

Kilowatt PSUs are obviously designed specifically for either the professional industry or in the case of the Everest 1010; PC gamers who are seeking the ultimate performance yet also value.

  •  ATX 12V V2.2 EPS12V V2.91 Ready
  •  QUAD | 4-Channel 12V Rails Design
  •  Intel Core 2 & AMD Athlon 64 Compliant
  •  High Efficiency ?85%
  •  Supports Serial-ATA for HDD
  •  Supports Multi-GPU Graphic Cards
  •  Supports Crossfire and SLI VGA Cards
  •  Environmentally Friendly PSU with Active PFC
  •  Energy Saving On Standby Mode ?1W
  •  120mm Variable-Speed Fan with Ultra-Low Noise
  •  Full Range Input with Complete Protection (OVP;OCP;SCP)
  •  Safety: UL, CB, CE, VDE, Nemko, FCC, C-TICK, BSMI, GOST
  •  True total power
  •  Size (L x W x H): 165 x 150 x 86mm

So, next to the hefty 1010 Watt rating this power supply is offering you, it's also offering you a fabulous set of features that are rather exceptional. This for example, is a standard ATX sized PSU, not too long, it has a shiny blue coating. Besides the fact that is looks nice, it comes with cable management. By organizing cables and by giving you the option to actually modify the wires you want to use. Not just wires though, nope, nicely black coated wires.

Right, let's head to the next page where we'll discuss some of the features after which we'll dive into a photo shoot, test and verdict.

FSP Group Everest 1010 Watt PSU


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