Fallout 4: PC graphics performance benchmark review

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DirectX 11: graphics card performance Ultra HD & Cummulative



And above that massive resolution we call Ultra HD. Ultra HD gaming is commonly addressed as Ultra HD, UHD or 4K, this resolution refers to the ultra-high resolutions with approximately 4000 horizontal pixels. Ultra HD resolution also has four times the number of pixels of a typical 1920x1080 resolution. We see that the Fury X now flexes muscle a bit better, but Nvidia has the stronger driver optimization alright. Starting at a NANO or 980 is playable with Ultra image quality settings (HIGH for god-rays and shadows). If you are in the 30 FPS range, you might wanna disable AA all together.

Performance cummulative overview

The below benchmarks shows are average framerates - this is an overview of all three tested resolutions so you can see the accumulated behaviour as a whole before we dive into separated resolutions. 


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