Deepcool CH510 chassis review

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Product showcase – Interior

Product showcase – Interior 


Regarding the overall capabilities of this case, you can use a 175 mm CPU cooler, and a graphics card up to 380 mm, and it’s possible to install water cooling here as well.



The Deepcool CH510 supports 360 mm radiators at the front, 360 mm at the top (opposed to the 280 mm in the CG560), and 140 mm at the back. 

You can install fans in the following setups:

  • Front: 120 mm x3 / 140mm x2 (non are pre-installed)
  • Top: 120 mm x3 / 140mm x2 (non are pre-installed)
  • Rear: 120mm/140 x1 (120 mm is pre-installed)



The motherboard layout is traditional, and there’s a place for the PSU at the bottom of the chassis. The PSU shroud has no cutouts.



OK, let’s head to the further inspection of the interior, then. 

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