Deepcool CH510 chassis review

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Product Showcase - Exterior

 Product Showcase - Exterior


The chassis makes a somewhat favorable impression, as it’s a relatively classic-looking, mid-sized tower. It is made of a steel structure with a plastic front. I have a great and powerful feeling of a déjà vu because the chassis looks similar to CG560/CK560 models. The left side panel is tempered glass, uses a magnet, and you can lock it for extra safety.



The opposite side panel is made of steel and held by captive thumbscrews. There is some ventilation for the fans under the PSU shroud. The overall quality is good. The following motherboard form factors are supported:

  • E-ATX
  • ATX
  • uATX,
  • mini ITX,

It’s a mid-size chassis, measuring 435×230×471 (L x W x H), which amounts to 47.1 l of volume. The weight is about 7.2 kg, enough to make the case stable without the hardware.



The front has a design without vents (and that’s strange for a chassis marketed as “focused on high cooling performance”). You can see a magnetic dust filter behind the front cover (which flexes quite heavily under pressure); it has square openings. 



The top has a removable filter held by magnets, and this time there's no silicon pull tab, which would make it easier to take off. Also, this piece has square openings, not round ones.


Let’s continue with the evaluation of the exterior.


This time – there’s no (quickly) removable fan filter for the PSU at the bottom. Instead, it's a square piece of mesh material. The solid, long plastic feet have rubber inserts to prevent movement.

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