Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE headset review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase



We received the SE edition and the MIC is of superb broadcast quality. If you want to use it, just plug it into the dedicated slot. You can position it wherever as that boom-stick is flexible. 



Once powered on, if the MIC is off the tip will turn red, MIC on will make it color green, so you always have a reference to see whether or not you are muted. At the end of the stick close to the cup, you can see a small button, that is the on-off switch. 

  • Short key press (0.1-1 seconds) on the mic mute button toggles mute on (microphone status LED will turn RED) and off.
  • Long key press (2-8 seconds) on the mic mute button toggles sidetone on and off



This headset talks to you ...

I made that Star Treksupercomputer voice reference on the first page already. However any fundamental change, you apply to the headset will make it talk to you with a friendly female voice. Mic on/off, and when the link is up or down .. you'll be notified. I like it as especially for the MIC being muted, you get an audible confirmation which prevents you from looking away from your monitor while gaming.




Corsair is king of premium bling, and as such the SE edition ahs RGB embedded into the cups. It's based on a micro-perforation process, enabling dynamic RGB lighting shown through the aluminum ear cup plates and yes, that does look quite special. 



With iCUE, you can then arrange your RGB preference, but that can also be a solid white color or off. I can't say that RGB had a lot of effect on battery life. Btw when charging, the LED will pulse while being charged and turn solid green at full charge. Red is a low battery charge, orange medium and green is a full battery.

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