Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE headset review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase

Below you can see the dongle (wireless USB adapter), 1.5m 3.5mm headphone cable (for wired usage) and 1.5m USB charging cable. You charge the headphones by connecting them with the small USB connector. We got roughly 18 hours on one battery charge, that is really long. Half an hour charge will get you going on your gaming spree again. If it should happen that the battery is empty during gaming, then just plug it into the USB port and you can use it while charging.




The wireless range is really good, we got roughly 10 meters out of it. Even at the floor below (through concrete) in most spots we still had good reception. There is no corruption, it works or it doesn't when you get out of range. Of course normally USB wireless also has a downside, you can't connect these headphones to your HIFI equipment at all -- so the headset has that 3.5mm cable as well, plug it in and you can listen.





The Virtuoso is an awesome looking headset, we did receive the SE model with that premium Aluminum finish. It is a nice and sturdy-feeling product with proper headphones cups that will cover your ears, and do check out that design. The Virtuoso is almost your typical big headset, circumaural ear coupling, nicely and softly padded headband, closed-back earcups, but these have the exception of (proclaimed 7.1) surround sound. We'll get into it later as really, this is a stereo headset with a virtualized surround layer on top of it to create the feel of 7.1 surround.




The Virtuoso is a stereo headset with two 50mm drivers, but the headset can flip a 7.1 mode that emulates surround sound -- that's a big difference. Though pretty good, it is not true 7.1 channel sounds as in 7+1 speakers and a sub. Then again that many magnets in an earcup would be seriously heavy, so not recommended either.

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